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Crimson represents the pinnacle of tube dac performance. The unique 71A directly heated triode output stage with a full tube rectified power supply makes the digital audio experience warm and exciting. A separate power supply for high voltage and low voltage is connected with an umbilical cord to the main unit.

The Crimson uses parallel feed custom 220H inductor and tapped reactor to give the Crimson a low output impedance and dynamic presence.

The USB/DAC module allows for 32/384 PCM and DSD64/128 over DoP from an ES9038 dac chip.

$9000 for the base 71A model.
Silver output stage price on request.
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Cosecant, really the start of the USB dac craze. In August 6th, 2003 I finished my first Cosecant USB DAC. That was the start for all USB DACS to follow. The Cosecant uses a 6GM8/ECC86 tube with parallel feed transformer coupled output. The new output transformers are wound with Cardas high grade copper.

A separate linear power supply is included with the Cosecant.

The USB/DAC module allows for 32/384 PCM and DSD64/128 over DoP from an ES9038 dac chip.

$4000 for the base Cosecant.
Optional volume control +$500
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I was so impressed with the Brick N2 performance that I wondered about taking a bit further. With the same USB isolation stage, low jitter oscillators and reclocker. The Secant uses two TDA1543 in differential NOS (with passive I/V) fashion and then sums these using a transformer. The transformer isolate all the digital noise from the DA stage as well as removes distortion between the + and - dac chips. The transformer is loaded with a volume control and the wiper of the volume control is sent to a 6418 Directly Heated Pentode strapped in triode mode. The external power supply houses a tube rectified power supply driving the high and low voltage. Four led’s set the sample rates supported (44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96) as well as the activity of the computer attached. Think of the Secant as the all around DAC/Preamp.

Secant with GoldPoint 47 step volume control $5000
Secant with limited availability Penny & Giles RF15 volume control $6000.
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The Brick was conceived after the Cosecant to bring more customers into this new Computer Audio technology. The Brick uses a single 12AU7A in a unique reactor follower directly coupled to the TDA1543 dac chip with passive I/V. The new N2 version is a hybrid which allows users to use 24/96 material in an NOS environment. The USB is Full Speed optically coupled and can be used with any operating system, tablet, computer or even phone.

Brick N2 $2000, limited silver $10,000
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