Wavelength Audio, ltd. News Page.

Welcome to the new site for Wavelength Audio, ltd. As you all may know I have been really busy designing for other companies and have neglected to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Hopefully the new site will allow me to do that.

The new Secant DAC is now available that will replace the Cosecant from here on out. Two years in the making it sounds great and has directly heated triode output tubes and an external tube rectified power supply: $5000

There are three Cosecant N2 DACS that are new left, then that’s it: $3500

The Brick N2 is shipping and upgrades are available now for $500.00 This is a huge upgrade from any of the previous versions. So much so that we used it at the 2019 RMAF. The standard linear supply is still used for all US customers. For international customers we are shipping the Pro Audio Engineering switching supply that is extremely low noise and works at any voltage from 100-250V 50-60Hz. US customers can ask for this supply as well if you live in an area of shotty AC.


Cosecant has birthday #16, In August 6th 2003 I finished making the first Cosecant. At that time David Evett did the metal work and I did the rest of the design. I was a little suspicious of how well it would sound. I connected it to a white MacBook with a 80G firewire drive and 3 ripped albums and was so surprised at the results. The rest of course is history.