24/192 Setup

Note: Unless you DAC says specifically that it supports 24/192, these drivers will not be required and will not boost your performance any higher than it says it is! Also these drivers will not work for USB DACS other than the Wavelength Audio brand, so do not install these drivers expecting them to give you 24/192 results for non Wavelength products.

MAC OSX Setup Here

The only thing required for 24/192 setup is that you are using Snow Lepoard version 10.6.4 or above. If you are using this operating system then you are set and connecting and configuring your device the same as in the Macintosh setup is all that is required.

If you do not know which operating system you are on you can check by going to the Apple Icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen and selecting "About this Macintosh". It will pop up a window with your system information. If you are on earlier versions of the operating system, then you will have to download the upgrade before your device will work.

Windows Setup Here
Do not insert the device into a USB port yet!

It is best to use computers with Windows XP or newer when using any Asynchronous USB Device. Vista or Windows “7” would be a best choice for any USB DAC. Windows “8” is fully supported, but to me has not proven itself as good as Windows 7. Since Windows does not support USB Audio Class 2 protocol we had to get someone to write drivers that would enable this protocol.

The Thesycon USB Class 2 driver is available as two different files. We have a zipped up installation folder (
Streamlength_v126w.zip). Click on the link to download the driver now. When it has been downloaded go ahead and extract (double click) the Streamlength folder to your desktop. The self extracting program will create a Streamlength temporary directory on your desktop and then try to run the Window Setup program located in the new folder. The drivers are now signed and approved by the driver regulatory commission, the zip files were scanned with ESET.

Note: Some versions of Windows 8-64 require this installation to be done in compatibility mode, if you have trouble try that first.

Download the driver zip file here!

Running the setup.exe program will initiate the installation of the Thesycon USB Class 2 Driver. If you are on Vista or 7 it is best to do this as the administrator.

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 18 09.43

This installation Wizard will run through the basic setup needed for your new 24/192 device.

During the installation the Wizard will ask you to plug in the USB cable to your new 24/192 device. Plug in the device at that time and you will hear the
new hardware tone that it is installing and then hit next.

ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 18 09.43

At this time the installation will match up the driver to the device and inform Windows and the associated control panels, ASIO and other items to be installed. The installer will ask were to put the driver applications. It’s best to leave these in their default location. The installer will uninstall previous versions and install all the new files.

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 18 09.46

When finished go ahead and hit the Finish button as everything is installed at this.

The Thesycon system includes a Control Panel for debugging and setting options. Nothing really needs to be addressed for that and you will not need it. The Thesycon suite also includes an ASIO driver so do not run your new device through any of the after market ASIO drivers like ASIO4ALL as it will cause a conflict in which nothing will work. There is also WASAPI and Kernel Mode inclusion in the driver installation as well as the standard Direct Sound interface.

You can now setup your device as you would for other applications from the Windows panel of this website. You can also delete the driver installation folder and the downloaded zip file as all the files you need to run have been installed in their appropriate place.