Crimson USB DAC with upgradable dac module and DHT outputs:

The Crimson is unique in that it is completely programable from the USB side of the equation. Therefore the code for this process is housed on the dac module so that each dac module can completely change the characteristics of the Crimson. The Crimson also uses Directly Heated Triodes (71A, WE101L/M and RE134) as the output tubes. A 6V4 tube rectifier powers the high voltage. Priced from $7500 71A outputs, Silver upgrade +$7500, Volume Control +$750

WE101L/M +3dB output +750, Telefunken RE134 +5dB +$1000.

Cosecant USB DAC with 6GM8/ECC86 tube transformer output:

The Cosecant is were it all started @ CES 2004. At first I did not think this technology would work.... was I wrong! The Cosecant uses a dynamic multibit convertor with passive I/V connected to the 6GM8/ECC86 which drives the transformer coupled output. The Cosecant is also available with an optional volume control if you want to control your entire system from the computer output.

Priced from: $3500, Silver Upgrade +$6500, Volume Control +$500

Brick USB DAC with 12AU7/ECC82 reactor follower output:

I first thought of the Brick as a way to bring greater attention to the idea of computer audio. It turned out to be much more than that as indicated in Art Dudley’s Listening #33. This review gave the Brick the Stereophile Class A rating. The Brick uses similar technology as the Cosecant. But out of the multibit passive I/V  is directly connected to the output tube which in turns drives the reactor follower output for excellent drive and sound. Priced from: $1750