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We will be located in suite 9015 for 2016

At RMAF 2016 I hope to have Europa done in a new configuration. We will also be showing the new Proton Nano 24/96 and the Brick N2 NOS DAC and a host of standard stuff.

Take a look at the new review of the Crimson Quotient module here:

The Wavelength Audio Crimson HS with Quotient Q1 DAC Module / Silver Transformers
By Steve Plaskin

RMAF14 Introductions: Crimson Quotient Q1, Nano Electron, Juice Box and Atom.

Quotient Q1 is a FPGA based DoP decoder and DAC module based on the ES9018. I am considering a crazy idea for a Q2 for the Crimson as well. I will follow up with a Cosecant version of the Quotient real soon.

Juice Box is basically a Toslink based Nano Electron to 24/96+ (it will go higher if your source can produce it). $600 available now.

More info on all of these soon!

Cosecant just turned 13 on August 6th. Can’t believe that it’s already been that long. You know I thought it was going to be a novelty. But when I ran iTunes against it the first I knew there was something worth investing in.

The price of the Proton has been reduced to $599. We are making larger quantities and moving the price for you.

We are removing the WaveLink from the product line. There are too many other similar products available.

AudioStream had a nice interview with me, thanks Michael.

March 2012 issue of The Absolute Sound: Editors Choice for the Crimson/Denominator USB DAC in the $10K and above category. Not bad considering the combo is only $9K :)

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AudioStream came on line 10.6.2011 and features the Brick v#3 by the editor Michael Lavorgna.

In the October issue of Stereophile Art Dudley takes the Proton for a spin and it ends up a Recommended Component.

We went to Summer NAMM 2011 again this year and showed some Silver Guitar amplifiers fitting for silver guitars here: Guitar-Engines

Also at Summer NAMM 2011, we launched a new website for PRO Digital and 500 Series equipment

SoundStage Good Sound gave the Proton a really nice review by Doug Blackburn, winning the Good Sound! Great Value award.

Stereophile gives runner up for the Cosecant for Digital Product of the year. My Streamlength USB was granted Digital Product of the year and also Product of the Year in the Ayre QB9, way to go guys! December 2009.

Computer Audiophile took a spin on the Proton and really liked what they heard 6/22/09.

June 2009 Stereophile Magazine Wavelength’s Cosecant The Best USB DAC Yet!
I want to thanks Art Dudley and John Atkinson for their hard work, page 77.
Stereophile Class A Rated Product

Music Served: Extracting Music from your PC, by John Atkinson

Home Entertainment December 2008, Computer Audio 101 by Peter Roth page 53, BTW Peter bought both a Cosecant and a Crimson Balanced for his own setup.

Art Dudley's Listening #33 in Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component Class A for the original Brick.